Kyle Lewald

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  • BA - University of California, Berkeley - Molecular and Cell Biology - 2016

Research Interest Summary

Studying population genetics and developing molecular diagnostics of pest insects.

Research Interests


  • Lewald, K. M., A. Abrieux, D. A. Wilson, Y. Lee, W. R. Conner et al., 2021 Population genomics of Drosophila suzukii reveal longitudinal population structure and signals of migrations in and out of the continental United States. G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics jkab343.
  • Lewald, K. M., and J. C. Chiu, 2020 Harnessing Transcriptomics to Study Insect Biology, in Transcriptomics in Entomological Research, CABI, Oxfordshire, UK.
  • Tabuloc, C. A., K. M. Lewald, W. R. Conner, Y. Lee, E. K. Lee et al., 2019 Sequencing of Tuta absoluta genome to develop SNP genotyping assays for species identification. J Pest Sci.
  • Gao, J., J. Sasse, K. M. Lewald, K. Zhalnina, L. T. Cornmesser et al., 2018 Ecosystem Fabrication (EcoFAB) Protocols for The Construction of Laboratory Ecosystems Designed to Study Plant-microbe Interactions. JoVE 57170.