Carter Loftus

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  • Grad Group: Animal Behavior
  • Major Professor: Dr. Margaret Crofoot
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  • BSc - Cornell University - Biological Sciences - 2014

Research Interest Summary

Personality, dominance, and collective decision-making in wild olive baboons (Papio anubis)

Research Interests

I use both observational and remote-sensing (e.g. accelerometers, GPS, microphones) data to study inter-individual behavioral variation among olive baboon groupmates. I then explore potential correlations between these metrics of personality and a baboon's role in its group's decision-making, or its social role in the group more generally. I am ultimately interested in investigating how groupmates employ different social strategies, and the implications of these social strategies for the evolution of sociality, individuality, and the division of labor.


  • Loftus, J. C., Smith, M. L., & Seeley, T. D. (2016). How honey bee colonies survive in the wild: testing the importance of small nests and frequent swarming. PloS one, 11(3), e0150362.
  • Smith, M. L., Ostwald, M. M., Loftus, J. C., & Seeley, T. D. (2014). A critical number of workers in a honeybee colony triggers investment in reproduction. Naturwissenschaften, 101(10), 783-790.